Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Big Spring Haul! (Primark, Jane Norman, The End, River Island) blogging everyday in may 8.

Hi guys, over the past month I have gathered up a few bits that I am going to show you. I won't go into detail but if you do want me to review any of the products just comment or tweet me.

The first thing is a really cute short top from River Island. It is a cute thin yellow under top with a fabric floral lace deatiling on the front. This was £22, which I know is pricey but I had a voucher and it is soo pretty.

Next is also from River Island, it is a really bright bright neon pink sleeveless top. This just screamed spring to me and I am loving the neon and monocrome this season.

Next is from a shop called The End, I got 2 jumpers from here that are both the same because when you see something you like you just have to pick up every nice colour in it don't you. I got this jumper in coral and mint green 2 very spring colours.
Mint julips edible lip scrub This exfoliates your lips and gets any dead skin off, plus it taste like after eights. Mmmmm. I also use a lip balme afterwards to soften my lips. This is from Lush for £3.29.

Next is a Rolling stones black t-shirt. This is just a plain blackshort sleeved tee with rolled up sleeves with the rolling stones logo on. It's great for sports but it also fashionable as well. This was from Primark for £5.

A striped rucksack. Although this broke within about 3 weeks, I still love the pattern and it's really comfortable to hold. This was £6 from Primark

My trusty neutrogena daily face wash. I absolutely love this face wash, since I have used it on my skin it is super clear and soft. It leaves your skin feeling really refreshed. Ijust had to buy another one. I follow up with my Nivea soothing day cream in he morning and the boots oil of evening primrose face cream at night are both also amazing. This is from Tesco's for £2.50.

A black and white striped top from Jane Norman. I tried this on because I didn't have any simple, plain tops, but when I tried it, it was actually really flattering and just looked so much nicer than I expected.It is one of those things that looks really boring but is actually much nicer than you think.

Tracky bottoms from Primark for P.E or Games. I know this probobly isn't the right to be buying trackys but I thought since it was England and the weather is always changing I should buy some just incase it rains or gets cold.
Coca Cola lip smacker from Primark. I have been needing a lip balme that is in a stick for a while because the pots are just annoying, I did buy one from tescos but I lost it. This is quite heavily smelling of cola, so if you don't like the smell of it then I wouldn't recommend it.
Neon trainer socks. I just bought these because I have been really loving neon colours at the moment and I needed some new socks for my trampolining.I also thought these would look cool with some white plimsools popping out the top.
Wild gooseberry jam jar candle. I love the smell of this because it is sweet but it is very subtle as well.
Anti-bacterial gel from Primark 50p. This smells like lemons which makes me think of citrus or spring.
 Nude coloured pump socks. I am planning to wear them with my vans. The cool thing about them is that they have cusion pads built in the soles and heels. These were about £2 from Primark.
Beauty travel bottle set. These small platic containers for travelling, 3 bottles, a filter and a small pot. Great if you have a big bottle of somthing but don't need the extra weight.
Thanks for reading maybe you will see a few things you would like to buy yourself.
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  1. I love your style, making me want to buy these clothes x

  2. thanks really appriciate it x I love more in river island but I couldn't afford it.
    do you have a blog maybe I could folow you and you could follow me x
    thx again for the comment

  3. Yes I do have a blog and you read it when I done my 25 facts about me and I would love to follow you x

  4. Me too could you leave me your link in a comment please so I can follow it x