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would you rather(fashion edition)!

Today i decided to I would do a 'would you rather' just to give you a little bit more information about me as a girl. Because I LOVE FASHION and I try to make my blogs as much about fashion as I can. I thought I would make this the 'would you rather fashion edition'.

1) Would you rather wear ed hardy from head to toe or crocs?
-I think even though I used to own crocs I would only wear them on holiday. I don't like them. I don't think they are fashionable at all. Some ed hardy clothes are really nice. I could easily make a nice outfit like just a pair of denim skinny jeans with a t-shirt and high tops would look fine.

2) Would you rather wear a lady gaga outfit or a Katy Perry outfit?
-I think I would rather wear a Katy Perry outfit just because lady gaga outfits are more in your face. Some of Katy Perry's outfits are ok like her day outfits look nice but i would definitely not wear a meat dress!

3) Would you rather wear socks with socks with sandals or a belly bag?
-I would much much much rather wear a belly bag because you can get really stylish satchel looking ones but if I had to wear socks and sandals i would scream :o (noooooo!) I guess socks with sandal heels look ok.

4) Would you rather wear ugg boots with shorts or overalls/jumpsuit?
-I find this one slightly harder as I wouldn't mind wearing this with either. I think brown short uggs would look really cute with a baggy denim all in one, but uggs look really nice with shorts too. I am going to go with overalls/jumpsuits just because normally if you are wearing shorts its a warm day so you wouldn't need boots. but either would look cute because uggs go with nearly anything.

5) Would you rather wear mom jeans or carpenter jeans?
- ok I didn't know what either of these were so I looked them up I would say mom jeans because they look ok in the picture's and carpenter jeans looked horrible. I hate flared jeans and these are like super flares. (first below)

6) Would you rather bejewel everything or wear pj's in public?
- This one is easy I would definitely wear pj's in public because I really really hate sparkly things especially sequins i think they look tacky and cheap. I only like glitter in nail varnish. pj's in public is becoming the normal thing to do. I wouldn't mind going out in a onesie it would be nice and warm.

7) Would you rather wear a David Crockett hat or a themed tie not for the right holiday?
- I think i would rather wear a David Crockett hat because if you get the wright one it can look ok on a snowy day, but if you wore a themed tie not for the right holiday you would just look silly.

8) Would you rather dress like a jersey shore person or cheetah girl?
- Ok I would have to say a cheetah girl. I hate animal print on clothes I personally think it looks horrible but I would hate to wear what someone from jersey shore wears because they look so inappropriate and ridiculous. The cheetah girls don't always wear animal print though they do wear other clothes and patterns.

9) Would you rather wear 50's cat eye glasses or harry potter glasses?
-I think I would rather wear the 50's cat eye glasses because the plain black with silver dots in the corner ones are quite nice - (as seen below). I wouldn't mind wear harry potter glasses I just think the cat eye glasses would make your eyes look prettier.

10) Would you rather wear tattoo sleeves or have all fake jewelry?
-Well I hate tattoos and I only have my ears pierced, which i haven't worn, and I don't wear much designer jewelry that often anyway so I will have to go with fake jewelry. 

11) Would you rather wear a poodle skirt or mickey mouse hat and sweater/jumper?
- This is so hard because i love the 50's poodle skirt i think its so retro/vintage and cute, but I also love mickey mouse jumpers I really want one. I think I am going to have to go with mickey mouse jumper just because I would look a little bit silly if i wore it in public but I would love to have one.

12) Would you rather wear a ziut suit and gun or ago-go boots?
-I would absolutely pick the gogo boots over the suit because the suit is just way to manly and unflattering. I actually think some gogo boots are quite cute and retro/vintage. They kind of look like fashionable heel wellies.

13) Would you rather wear a clown wig or obvious toupee?
-I think I would have to go with clown wig because an obvious toupee just looks a little bit strange where as sometimes a clown wig can look ok. Like the one below looks very out there but .
14) Would you rather wear poster man shorts or hot pants?
- Definitely hot pants. I have been looking for a pair for ages now but I don't want any that show your but cheeks because it looks gross and no-one wants to see someones bum. but I guess some fashionable poster man shorts would look that bad.

15) Would you rather wear a popcorn bubble shirt or obvious handbag?
-I would have to go with obvious handbag because I hate popcorn bubble shirts they are ugly and horrible in my opinion. But handbags are kind of obvious anyway.

16) Would you rather dress like Marilyn Manson or raven Simone?
-I think I would prefer to dress like Raven Simone because Marilyn Manson is a bit too out there. I don't like his makeup or clothes they are to dark and Gothic. 


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